Test your language skills while travelling to Machu Picchu


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Argentina and Brazil - Visit the bustling Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, home to the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, the World Cup 2014, the carnival, stunning beaches and many more sights and events. In Argentina, discover the world's dancing capital of Buenos Aires and on the border between Brazil and Argentina, see the incredible Iguassu Falls.

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Galápagos Islands – These islands with their unusual, diverse flora and fauna became the inspiration behind the theory of evolution coined by Charles Darwin. These islands are renowned for their individual native wildlife.

The Amazon - Experience the spirit of the Amazon River, the world’s greatest tropical forest and river basin. Get a real-life appreciation of the wonder that it inspires and the natural sights of the Amazon.

Arabic Language Institute

We offer a variety of language courses in London. Please see below for a list of language courses available in location below:

Arabic courses London :: Arabic classes London :: Cactus Language Courses UK

Today we can distinguish two principle forms:
- Dialectical Arabic originates at the same time from the fragmentation of Arabic in the 7th century and the fusion of speakers resulting from military conquests and the mixing of populations of southern Arabic, Berber, African languages, etc.
- Literary Arabic, also called eloquent Arabic or grammatical Arabic, is a prestigious language associated with religion and written language, thus with literary culture, science, technology and administrative function

They set themselves the task to develop an approach for teaching the material normally taught in a full-time undergraduate degree programme in only fifteen lessons. Drawing from their collective experiences of previous teaching and combining traditional approaches from the Arab world and the Indian sub-continent with conventional language teaching techniques used in the West, they arrived at a very effective synthesis. The comments of our former students bear testimony to the success of this approach.

Learn Arabic in Egypt. Arabic language courses in Egypt.

The Network, a consortium of universities, is committed to expanding opportunities for students to study Arabic language and Islamic culture. The Network fosters the efforts of U.S. higher education to promote better relations with the Arab world, to address U.S. national security needs, and to assist students to prepare for careers relating to the Arab world.

Online Arabic Courses - Re-starting October 6, 2014 | Shariah Program